If you want someone to guide you through every step of wedding planning from allocating your budget & choosing a venue to packing up at the end of your wedding day, choose the full planning service! Includes Wedding Day Management.

Starts at $3999


This service is for you if you already booked your venue and maybe even some of your wedding professionals. You might need a little help finishing up the planning, though. This also includes Wedding Management service.

Starts at $2399


You enjoy planning your entire wedding, but you need someone to step in toward the end. I’ll tie up any loose ends and execute your plans so you can enjoy your day! This service is included with Full & Partial Planning packages.

Starts at $1399


We will frequently communicate through email and phone conversations, but we will also meet in person. The meetings will be focused on different aspects of the wedding planning process. The frequency and type of meetings may vary depending on which package you choose. Here is an idea of the types of meetings we might have. I will notate which packages include which meetings.

Wedding Vision & Priorities

We probably discussed a little bit of this during your consultation, but we’ll dig a little deeper and create a vision for your wedding day. We will figure out which aspects of your wedding are a priority, and which you could care less about. (Full Planning only)

Wedding Budget

Money is not a topic most people like to talk about, but it is necessary! We’ll discuss your wedding budget and create a guide on how you will spend that money. We’ll discuss expectations and reality to determine if your budget will realistically work within our market. This will give us a starting point when looking for vendors within your budget. (Full Planning only)

Venue Selection & Tours

We will choose a few venues to see and meet with their staff. This is a chance for you to experience the atmosphere of a venue and get any of your venue-related questions answered directly from the source! Depending on our schedules and the venue availability, these tours might be all on one day or sprinkled throughout a few weeks time. (Full Planning only)

Floral & Design

This meeting will get into the details of how your wedding will look and feel. We will talk about a color palette, textures, patterns, lighting, centerpieces, etc. This is probably what you think about when you think of wedding planning! (Full & Partial Planning)

Finalize Vendors

We will meet to discuss your vendor expectations. We’ll also meet with several vendors to get your questions answered and get a feel of which vendor is perfect for you. (Full & Partial Planning)

Final Planning Details

About a month before your wedding, we’ll meet to discuss all the logistical details of the wedding day. We’ll get all the information on paper so I can design the perfect wedding day timeline for you, your wedding party, and your vendors. If you chose the wedding management package, this is the point where I take over all the planning for you! I will reach out to all your vendors, introduce myself, and let them know how to reach me if they have any issues or problems arise. You can spend the final month pre-wedding enjoying yourselves and relaxing before your big day! (Full Planning, Partial Planning, & Wedding Management)

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