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Finalize everything.

You have done so much work and planning and now it’s time to finalize it all! Start with your guest list. Once your guest list is finalized, send your invitations to your calligrapher. Just remember to mail them out a solid 8 weeks before your wedding date. You want to give your guests enough time to make travel arrangements, arrange for child care, or ask off work.

Finalize your rehearsal dinner reservations and send out those invitations. The general rule is to invite your entire wedding party and their significant others, close family and friends, plus anyone who has traveled from out of town to your wedding.

Book your hair and makeup artist, if you haven’t done that already. Don’t forget to include your mom, your mother-in-law, grandmothers, and your bridesmaids.

Finalize the wedding menu with your caterer, finish shopping for party favors and gifts, and gather all your wedding accessories such as baskets, ring pillow, candles, and decor elements. Finalize your wedding day transportation, as well.

Confirm tuxes.

Confirm the details of any tuxedos or rental attire your wedding party is wearing.

Wedding ceremony.

Choose the special songs for your processional, recessional, and grand entrance! If you haven’t chosen readings or songs for your ceremony, do this now. Consult with those who will be playing, singing, or reading.

Do you dance?

Consider signing up for dance lessons! Do this especially if you’re nervous about that first dance.

Going on a honeymoon?

Finalize your honeymoon details.

Check on your registry.

Check that your registry still has plenty of gifts left to choose from. If you’re worried about seeing what gifts have already been purchased (don’t act like you haven’t been looking!) you can ask your wedding planner, maid-of-honor, or best man to look for you. 🙂

Check back for more wedding planning tips. If you’re in the Detroit or Ann Arbor areas, contact me for help!