Updated: April 21, 2022

Do I need to buy wedding insurance?

This is a question I hear more and more from my clients. The short answer is, yes, it’s best to have wedding insurance. It covers any mishaps or mistakes that might happen that would otherwise ruin your big day or cause a huge monetary loss.

What exactly is wedding insurance?

It is a type of event insurance that will cover your wedding day against weather-related cancellations, vendor mistakes, guest injury, and other mishaps. It is pretty inexpensive, starting at around $200. It can go up to $250 or $500 depending on the options you add.

Two types of wedding insurance

Cancellation/Postponement Insurance

This type of insurance will help recoup lost money due to wedding cancellation or postponement.


  • Injuries causing a postponement of the wedding
  • Extreme weather cancelling, postponing, or causing damages to the wedding
  • The bride is in the military and gets deployment orders a week before the wedding date.
  • Illnesses causing cancellation or postponement
  • The venue has a kitchen fire and it’s too late to find a replacement venue
  • Loss or damage to wedding day photographs and video files
  • Replacing stolen or damaged wedding gifts from your home, car, or wedding venue
  • Professional counseling for a bride or groom’s emotional well being, including up to one year of therapy
  • Non-refundable deposits if a wedding vendor goes out of business or doesn’t show up on your wedding day

Liability Insurance

This type of wedding insurance is actually required by some venues. It will protect you if you’re held financially responsible for property damage, bodily injury, or an alcohol-related accident. This also covers damages caused by your guests and injuries to your guests.


  • A guest spills red wine, staining a sofa you’ve rented for your reception
  • A guest accidentally backs into the venue while parking
  • Someone puts a cigarette out in a flower planter and causes a fire
  • Someone is dancing barefoot and steps on broken glass

Liability insurance can also cover your rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and day-after brunch!


Check with your homeowner insurance or renters insurance to see if you can add a rider to your policy that covers your wedding.

Where to buy wedding insurance

I recommend eWed Insurance. They guarantee they are the least expensive and most comprehensive insurance available. They have over ten options so you can find the coverage that is right for you. They will even send a copy of your insurance certificate to your venue for you. Click over to their website to read more about what they offer. If you have questions and would like to speak to them directly, call 1-800-426-1064.

What about Covid-19?

Most (if not all) wedding insurance companies do not cover Covid-19 related issues now that it is a known issue. They also include infections disease and pandemic clauses that exclude future pandemic issues. While eWed, my recommendation above, does not cover Covid 19, it does not have an infectious disease exclusion for other illnesses including flu, pneumonia, or food poisoning due to salmonella or E.coli.

When you’re planning a wedding, the cost of wedding insurance is negligible compared to the entire event. I highly recommend that you purchase it to cover all the unknowns and unpredictable events that might happen.