I am extremely proud of my 5-star rating!

-Kirsten & Alex, Bride & Groom

Christa was incredibly easy to work with. She was flexible with our changes and offered but didn’t force practical suggestions. Christa was an important part of our daughter’s wedding rehearsal and wedding day. We’re going to miss working with her!” -Robin T., Mother of the Bride

Christa is always a pleasure to work with. She runs a tight and seamless ship ensuring no detail is left unturned.” -Kari Dawson, Kari Dawson Photography

Christa was an invaluable part of our wedding! She is an expert at herding cats (our crazy bridal party with the attention spans of gnats!), diffusing bridezilla moments (I had a couple that she headed off at the pass and handled before I had a meltdown), and making sure our day ran as smoothly as possible. She handled all of the things about our wedding that I had no idea how I was going to get done, as well as sending reminders and tips leading all the way up to the wedding day to make sure I was on track, managing my stress, and still going to have exactly the day my now husband and I wanted. All I had to worry about for both rehearsal dinner and wedding day was making sure I showed up, and was on time. Christa handled absolutely everything else, and I’m so, so grateful. If you want to have a fun, stress-free event, call Christa. Seriously.” -Breanna O., Bride

In the past, I was not accustomed to hiring a wedding planner, but my children felt that this was very important; and how Right they were! And especially in their choice of Christa Graham as their wedding planner! She not only worked with my children and helped them attain their dream wedding, but she also gave Me assistance and support. I cannot say enough good things about Christa; she is extremely professional, responsible, and unafraid to research requests with which she is not familiar, and then, come up with ideas to make their request a possibility. Christa has a calming demeanor, tackles issues without fuss, and is efficient in her work.” -Susan R., Mother of the Groom

We were lucky enough to find Christa about 5 months before our wedding (we had to fire our first planner)…we booked her for partial planning and the out of town guests package (if you have out of town guests, especially older ones get this add-on it’s worth it!). She was a LIFESAVER! Christa was SO ORGANIZED, sending us milestone checklists (i.e. what to do 4 months before, a month before, etc), and checking in with us and keeping us up to date on the things we wanted/needed to know but never overwhelmed us – its was perfect balance. Christa thought of details I hadn’t considered such as, brochures for out of town guests – they ended up being super cute and super helpful for guests. Christa even answered my dad’s questions and my mother in law’s questions; she was always consistent in her communication and response time and super dependable. Christa pulled the wedding together better than I could have ever even imagined – it was more perfect than my wildest dreams. THANK YOU CHRISTA!!!!!!!!!!” -Kate O., Bride