This past June, I had the pleasure of helping Breanna & Jared finalize their wedding plans and execute their wedding vision at Fox Hills Golf Course in Plymouth, MI.

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Breanna & Jared are laid back and easy-going, so their backyard country barbeque rehearsal was the perfect start to their wedding weekend. I enjoyed their family and friends so much! Continuing the relaxed theme, Breanna bought sneakers for her bridal party to wear!

It was a perfect June day for an outdoor wedding. Fox Hills is a gorgeous backdrop anyway, but the sunshine and slight breeze was the icing on the cake! Sprinkled throughout the scenery were fragrant flowers in full bloom.

Their colors, orange & pink, were tastefully sprinkled throughout the space and popped against the mostly white background. Guests were treated to these pops of colors on the programs, in the flowers, and in the table centerpieces (that were made by the bride and her besties!).

The Father-of-the-Bride said something that I loved. During his speech, he said “This group of people is unique. If this wedding would’ve been next weekend or last weekend, someone here wouldn’t have been able to attend or someone not here would have. So, this is the fist and probably the last time this unique group of people will be in the same room together.” Let’s toast to that!

Venue: Fox Hills Golf Course

Wedding Planner: Christa Graham Weddings & Events

Photographer & Photo Credit: Ray Anthony

Hair & Makeup: Detroit Glam

Programs: Shutterfly

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