Working with Amy and Griffin was an absolute joy and privilege, as they entrusted me wholeheartedly with the planning and vision for their wedding day. From the moment we began collaborating, I could sense their unwavering faith in my process and expertise, which allowed for a seamless and fun planning experience.

Their genuine enthusiasm and openness to my ideas truly warmed my heart! Throughout the entire planning journey, Amy and Griffin’s unwavering trust in my vision allowed us to create a wedding that perfectly encapsulated their love story and personalities.

Together, we crafted a celebration that was as unique and special as their love for each other, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to be part of their journey to “I do.”


We toured a few venues in Detroit and surrounding areas and they chose The Whiskey Factory!

Nestled in the heart of Detroit, The Whiskey Factory stands as a captivating and one-of-a-kind wedding venue that effortlessly blends industrial charm with urban sophistication. Formerly a historic distillery, this restored gem exudes an air of timelessness and is just plain cool!

The venue’s exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, and rustic wooden beams provide a picturesque backdrop that beautifully complements the couple’s desire for a fall-themed celebration. As natural light filters through large windows, it illuminates the space with a warm, golden glow, casting a magical ambiance upon the festivities.

Beyond its rich history, The Whiskey Factory offers ample versatility, allowing us to transform the space from the ceremony to reception. Amy and Griffin’s decision to host their August wedding at The Whiskey Factory was a testament to their appreciation for Detroit’s urban allure and their desire to create an extraordinary experience for their guests.

Amy & Griffin wanted to spend the entire day together, so they chose to get ready as a large group instead of separating into “her friends” & “his friends”. I loved this idea and the photos show what a joyous morning it was!

I’m such a sucker for detail shots!!

Just because they got ready together didn’t mean they wanted to miss out on having a first look at each other! So, they stayed hidden once close to being ready and dressed. Their reactions are priceless! After the first look, they took time for portraits and wedding party photos.

Moving to the venue, Amy & Griffin had time to get photos in their ceremony space before their guests started arriving. Once photos were complete, the wedding party headed up to the 3rd floor lounge to stay hidden until the ceremony started.

Although The Whiskey Factory space is quite large, their ceremony felt intimate. The floral arch was the perfect backdrop against the wall of whiskey barrels, creating a very unique ceremony space!

We worked with Two Unique Catering to create a customized menu and service plan for Amy & Griffin! We started with passed appetizers on the first floor for cocktail hour. Back up on the 2nd floor, salads were pre-plated and awaiting guest arrival. Dinner was presented as four stations: Italian, Detroit, & Asian inspired foods, plus a dessert station! Since The Whiskey Factory does not serve wine, catering set up a wine table for us also!

I loved that Amy & Griffin wanted unique wedding centerpieces. Their idea was to incorporate small plants and succulents that their guests could take home as their wedding favors. (I snagged one, too, and am happy to report I kept it alive almost an entire year!)

Another cool benefit of The Whiskey Factory is that the couple has access to the roof to take pictures with the beautiful Detroit skyline. In the background, you  can see Ford Field and some of the factories that make Detroit unique!

The dance party that concluded Amy and Griffin’s wedding was nothing short of electric. As the sun set, the industrial-chic ambiance of The Whiskey Factory transformed into a lively dance floor filled with laughter, joy, and celebration. The dance floor’s energy was infectious, igniting the spirit of togetherness and creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

With each beat, Amy and Griffin twirled, surrounded by the love and support of their loved ones, encapsulating the essence of their union and the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. The dance party served as a fitting and unforgettable finale to an extraordinary August wedding that celebrated love, unity, and the beauty of life’s most precious moments.

Amy & Griffin, As your wedding drew to a close, I found myself overwhelmed with gratitude for having been a part of your beautiful celebration of love. Working with both of you was an absolute pleasure, and I can’t thank you enough for entrusting me with the vision and planning of your special day. Your unwavering trust and openness to ideas allowed us to create a wedding that truly reflected the essence of your love story and personality.

Thank you for allowing me to be a part of such a meaningful and memorable occasion. Your wedding was a true reflection of the love, warmth, and connection that you share, and I have no doubt that your journey together will be filled with even more beautiful moments. May the love and happiness you felt on your wedding day continue to grow with each passing year. Wishing you both a lifetime of love, laughter, and endless adventures together. 

Event Team

Planner | Christa Graham Weddings & Events

Venue & Bartending | The Whiskey Factory

Co-Officiants | Friends, Elise Molnar & Daniel

Photographer | Emily Kyle Photography

Transportation | Dream Limousines

Floral | Artemesia

Rentals | Detroit Chiavari

Hair | Detroit Glam

Catering | Two Unique

Band | Stiletto Fire