It’s no secret that pets are our babies! So why wouldn’t you want to include yours in your wedding? The obvious way to include your pet in your wedding is to have it walk right down the aisle. The “oohs” & “awws” are worth it!

Handsome Henri walks down the aisle with his floral accessory from The Flower Kitten.
Photo by Girl With the Tattoos

Having your pet present at the ceremony of course makes it easy to include him/her in your wedding photos!

Photo by Girl With the Tattoos
Floral: The Flower Kitten
Lighting: Modernly Events
Venue: The Eastern

Hot tip: Hire a pet sitter for the day that can take your pet out of the ceremony if they get overly excited or become distracting to the ceremony. Also, after your photos are complete, the sitter can take your pet home for the night. Easy peasy!

Here are some other fun ways to include your pet in your wedding:

  • Include your pet in your wedding stationery (save-the-dates, invitations, & thank you cards)
  • Create mixed drinks named after your pet to serve at the bar.
  • Have cookies made in the shape of your pet for the dessert table or favors to take home.
  • Have photos of your pet blown up for props at your photo booth.
  • Use your pet’s name in place of a table number for your VIP guests (parents, grandparents, wedding party, etc.)
  • Include cardboard cutouts of your pets welcoming guests to the reception.
  • Display a link for guests to donate money to your favorite animal-centered charity.
Photo by Girl With the Tattoos
Photo by Girl With the Tattoos
Photo by Girl With the Tattoos

I would love to discuss your wedding and the ways you can include your pet–whatever kind of pet it is! (Just don’t ask me to handle any snakes or spiders! LOL) Send me an email at or fill out this form to connect!