One design question I get is: How do I tie together my ceremony & reception spaces? There are several ways to do this. I list four of them below!

Feel of the space

When I am able to work with a couple from the beginning, we always start out by discussing the feel of their wedding. How do they want their guests to feel at the wedding? What do they want them to remember? These initial decisions will help guide every other decision along the planning journey. (Bonus: The more in tune you are with how you want your wedding to feel, the better your venue search will go, and the less decorating you will have to do, saving time and money!)

The physical elements that contribute to the feel of a space are the architecture, the location, the lighting, acoustics, and the decor. Look all around. Pay attention to the flooring, what’s on the walls, and the ceiling. Do the windows let in a lot of light? What is the overall style of the space (industrial, formal, barn-style, etc.)? You want all your wedding spaces’ ambiance to match as closely as possible. If your ceremony & reception are at the same location, then this should be easy! The rooms should already have the same feel to them if they are in the same venue. If your ceremony & reception spaces are in different venues, try to choose venues that have a complementary ambiance.

Floral & Decor

If you have spaces that just don’t complement each other, then you can fix that with decor. If you really love one space, but not the other, try your best to choose decor in the same style as the venue that you love. You can bring in pipe & drape to hide ugly walls, rugs to add warmth to tile floors, and lighting to change focus areas of the room. When looking for furniture pieces (bars, tables, & couches), make sure they align with your intended style.

When most people think of wedding decor, they first go to a florist. Your floral pieces should all include similar flowers and be arranged in similar styles. Plus, ceremony arrangements can be moved into the reception space! Ask your florist to provide vases so the bridal and bridesmaid’s bouquets can also serve as decor in the reception room.


Have your DJ or band set up speakers so the music is consistent between the cocktail hour space and the reception space. (Plus, nobody wants a quiet, awkward cocktail hour!) You’ll likely have to give them a song list weeks before the wedding, so start compiling a list now. Make sure those songs lend to the atmosphere you want to create! If you want a party atmosphere, you shouldn’t include a lot of slow songs. Conversely, if you want a more formal affair, you shouldn’t choose Snoop Dogg’s greatest hits.

Stationery & Signage.

I have always said your invitation sets the tone for the entire event. Even before the invitation, your save-the-dates can help to give the right impression! You probably won’t choose to have every single item on this list, but here are all the paper goods and signage that could lend toward consistency to your wedding.

  • Save-the dates
  • Website
  • Invitation suite
  • Welcome signs
  • Directional signs
  • Ceremony program
  • Seating chart
  • Placecards
  • Menus
  • Guestbook
  • Thank you cards

Choose a few items and keep the color, design, and word-style consistent throughout them all to help create cohesive spaces.

Follow these guidelines and your wedding spaces will flow well and create a cohesive experience for your guests! If you’re in the Detroit area and need help with your wedding design or wedding planning, please reach out! I have a few 2020 dates & several 2021 dates available!