There is no denying Lauren & Dan’s love for each other. Everyone in the room felt it pure & true! What’s even cooler is they are each others best friends. Most couples say they are, but I could feel it with these two!

I LOVE all the details they put into their wedding, but my favorite thing was the gifts for their wedding party and parents. So fun and sentimental! 

I’m pretty sure the parent gifts caused several people to cry! 

It was a cold, wet, & snowy day. It sure made for some gorgeous photos, though! The entire wedding party, photographers, and videographers were TROOPERS!

Back at The Eastern, our team was busily setting up for the ceremony and reception! Dan’s aunt made cakes for each individual table…yes, you read that right! Each table had their own cake centerpiece! What’s more, they were all decorated differently! (We had a cherry chip flavor that tasted great!) Here is a sampling of some of the cakes…


Most couples ask me if we can place their personal items like a card box, seating charts, special photos, etc. Of course we can! These are always some of my favorite details.