Do I need to buy wedding insurance? This is a question I hear more and more from my clients. The short answer is, yes, it’s best to have wedding insurance. It covers any mishaps or mistakes that might happen that would otherwise ruin your big day.

What exactly is wedding insurance? It is a type of event insurance that will cover your wedding day against weather-related cancellations, vendor mistakes, guest injury, and other mishaps. It is pretty inexpensive, starting at around $175. It can go up to $250 or $500 depending on the options you add.

There are two types of wedding insurance: Liability & Cancellation/Postponement insurance. You can bundle both types into your policy. Liability insurance covers you for any injuries or property damage that might occur. Cancellation and postponement insurance is just as it sounds. It covers any costs if you have to cancel or postpone your wedding. (There are several reasons you may have to cancel or postpone…it doesn’t have to mean you were left at the alter! Cancellations happen due to weather, military deployment, injury or illness, and unforeseen issues with your venue.)

Tip: Check with your homeowner insurance or renters insurance to see if you can add a rider onto your policy that covers your wedding.

When you’re planning a wedding, the cost of wedding insurance is negligible compared to the entire event. I totally recommend that you purchase it to cover all the unknowns and unpredictable events that might happen. Check out this article for suggestions on companies that offer wedding insurance.

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