What to do 1-2 months before your wedding

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This week…


Ceremony Details.

Start writing your vows, if you haven’t already.

Finalize readings and songs for the ceremony. Review them with the people that will be performing them.

Meet with your Officiant to finalize his or her words.

Bridal Gown.

Once your alterations are complete, have another bridal gown fitting. You want to leave enough time to make adjustments, if necessary. Take a friend with you so you can get an opinion on the cut and fit.

Write thank you notes.

Stock up on nice thank you notes, envelopes, pens, and stamps. Begin writing thank you notes for any gifts received so far. Update your registry and add more items to it, if necessary.

Hang with your girls or guys.

Schedule a casual luncheon with your bridesmaids or groomsmen. Take this time to relax and enjoy those you consider special enough to be included in your wedding party. This would be a great time to give them any gifts you’ve purchased for them.

Wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance is a growing concern for many people. Should you get it or not? First, you need to find out whether your venue requires liability insurance. More and more venues are making this a requirement, so make sure you double check! In the grand scheme of wedding budgets, wedding insurance isn’t that expensive. And it just might give you peace of mind.


You’re almost there!! Yay!

Check back for more wedding planning tips and videos. If you’re in the Detroit or Ann Arbor areas, contact me for help!

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Greenhouse Wedding at Planterra Conservatory

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I was recently blessed to work with the T & L families in organizing a beautiful greenhouse wedding & reception!

The wedding was in the GORGEOUS St. John’s Armenian Church in Southfield, Michigan.

Detroit | Ann Arbor | Lansing | Wedding Planner | Armenian Wedding

The ceremony was filled with tradition. It was mesmerizing to watch! I mean, look at those crowns!! <3

The party continued at Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Planterra is a huge greenhouse conservatory. Flickering candlelight and snow gently falling outside…..MOOD!! I can’t get over how intimate this venue felt!

Detroit | Ann Arbor | Lansing | Wedding Planner | Planterra Conservatory

Detroit | Ann Arbor | Lansing | Wedding Planner | Planterra Conservatory


The best part of the night, though? The family! There was such a genuine feeling of love and celebration!

Detroit | Ann arbor | Lansing | Michigan | Wedding Planner

Detroit | Ann arbor | Lansing | Michigan | Wedding Planner

Detroit | Ann arbor | Lansing | Michigan | Wedding Planner


Happy Wedding Day, M & B!

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Team of Vendors:

Photo Credit: Kari Dawson Photography

Videography: LightCraft Entertainment

DJ: Lawton Lunce

Transportation: Rockstarz Limos


When someone else is paying for your wedding

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It is such a blessing to have someone contribute monetarily to your wedding! Chances are, it’s a parent or grandparent who has set aside a chunk of money just for this occasion. As happy as they are to contribute, things can become weird and awkward when money is involved. There are some things you can do to prevent any tension or guilt creeping into your relationship because of money. Before you spend a dime of it, here are 3 questions to answer when someone else is paying for your wedding.


1. What does this money pay for?

Does Grandma really want to buy your wedding dress? Is she not too happy about the open bar at the reception? Maybe she doesn’t care and doesn’t want a say at all in what her money pays for. In that case, great! As long as that is established at the beginning of budget planning, you’ll avoid any frustrating conversations later.


2. Who makes the decisions?

Does the person contributing to the budget also get to contribute the decision making? Does he get to make any decisions regarding your wedding? If not, consider asking him to be a third, tie-breaking vote in the case of a disagreement between you and your fiance. He might appreciate you including him, even in this small way, in appreciation of the gift.


3. Is it a gift or a loan?

Speaking of gift…don’t assume it is one. When someone contributes money to your wedding budget, make sure the terms and conditions are clear from the start. You don’t want to enter your marriage with unexpected debt! If you do decide to take a loan from someone for your wedding, decide on the repayment terms right away. Write them up and have the involved parties sign so the repayment terms are clear to everyone. Even if it comes from family, taking a loan is a business transaction and should be treated as such. (And remember, you can always politely decline to accept a loan!)

Answering these three questions ahead of time will hopefully put a stop to any awkward conversations later…after you’ve spent the money! Hiring a professional wedding planner that can help you navigate your unique scenario is also a good idea. If you are in the Detroit or Ann Arbor, MI area, I would love to speak with you and see how I can help plan your wedding!


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