Goal Setting & Vision Board Workshop

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Have you heard of The Rising Tide Society? Or Tuesdays Together? It is a society of creative entrepreneurs, men & women, from hobbyist to seasoned professional, gathering the second Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted!) in the spirit of community over competition. I am the leader of the Ann Arbor Tuesdays Together group! My group is full of photographers, graphic designers, wedding planners, florists, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc. If you need any kind of creative business, you can probably find it within our group!

Goal Setting Strategies

Each month, we meet together to discuss and learn about a particular business topic. This month, I hosted a Goal Setting Workshop & Vision Board Party all in one! Every January, goal setting is first and foremost on every business owners mind. So, this topic was very timely! We started by discussing goal-setting strategies. The two popular strategies were 1. SMART goals and 2. Breaking your goal down into manageable steps. Personally, I like the “break it down” method. I use a combination of Trello and a paper planner to help me achieve this.

Goals vs. Projects

We also discussed the difference between goals and projects. Goals are intangible ideas or states of being. Projects are the tangible things we create to help us reach those goals. For example, my ultimate goal for 2018 is to further develop and grow my brand. I have three projects that will help me get there: A podcast (coming very soon!), a live event for wedding industry professionals, and a party planning eCourse. I also want to incorporate more collaborations this year, which will be possible within each project!

Vision Boards

Next, it was time to get crafty! We perused magazines and tore out any photos or words that reminded us of our goals. If you have never made a vision board, I highly recommend you trying it. It is a visual reminder every day of what you are working toward. I also suggest you write your affirmations down on the vision board. Every time you see it, say your affirmations out loud. AND BELIEVE THEM! (Want to host your own vision board party? Read this awesome article by our very own Ann Arbor Tuesdays Together member, Janelle Reichman!)

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