How to easily plan a party | Free printable

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Even though I love planning weddings because of their grand designs, I also love planning intimate dinner parties and birthday bashes. I realize it isn’t always feasable to pay a party planner for these smaller events, so I designed this one-page printable party planner. It is easy to use and a great resource to keep track of everything party-related. Get ready for your party to be the talk of the town! 

So, what’s the hardest part about party planning?

“No one RSVPs anymore!”

“My ideas don’t match my budget!”

“I don’t know what I need to accomplish the look I want!”

“I just can’t stay organized!”

Are you ready to stop feeling these frustrations?

Then you need my favorite party planning tool!

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In this free party planning tool, you will find…

-a timeline that gives you a generous amount of time to plan your party and not forget any of the important party elements

-space to keep all your party planning ideas so you don’t go crazy trying to keep track of multiple sheets of paper

-a budget tracker so you know how much you have to spend

-a guest list so you know who’s coming, who hasn’t rsvp’d, and who needs a thank you card once it’s all over

-‘to do’ lists for the week leading up to the party so you aren’t frantically finishing up as your guests arrive