Leadership Fun in New Orleans! (Part Two)

Leadership Fun in New Orleans! (Part Two)

Did you read part one about the Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat? Read it here!

My biggest takeaway from the retreat is this: Collaboration is powerful! From The Rising Tide Society’s merge with Honeybook to the ladies of Burgundy Fox, the ability to bring multiple minds, resources, and ambitions together…well, it can grow infinitely bigger than any one person’s dreams can grow. It is amazing and powerful.


Rising Tide Society Leader Retreat | New Orleans | Burgundy Fox


Speaking of Burgandy Fox, Alexis & Leslie, the company’s co-founders, spoke on what to look for in a partnership. I took soooo many notes! LOL What it boils down to is alignment. Do your individual companies’ values, goals, and markets align?  It’s the same with any relationship, really. If you examine your closest friends and significant other, I guarantee your values and goals align.

I also loved when Mary Marantz spoke about building a legacy of leadership. I’ve always been told I am a leader, but honestly, I hardly ever feel like one!  But when Mary said leaders are people-focused and they move the conversation forward, I thought “Hey, maybe I am a leader!” Since the retreat, I have tried to have a people-focused approach to life, whether I am at work, at home, or shopping at Target. LOL (I’ve had my fair share of weird looks when I try and talk to total strangers while shopping!)


Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans | Mary Marantz

I was only familiar with one speaker before this event. I have followed Jessica Rasdall for awhile and I love how genuine she is! Speaking has been on my radar lately and, luckily, this is the topic she knows best! Jessica uses her truth to help others elevate their speaking game. You should check her out if you have trouble telling your story!


Jessica Rasdall | Rising TIde Society | Leader Retreat

There were so many more tidbits I internalized from the retreat, but the overall feeling of “We’re in this together” is what I will take away. We all have the same struggles and it is so important that we talk about them and offer up solutions to each other! If you have a chance to join a Tuesdays Together meeting in your area, please do it!!! The Rising Tide Society truly is a tide that lifts all boats. <3


Photo Credit: Megan Short

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