Leadership Fun in New Orleans! (Part Two)

Did you read part one about the Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat? Read it here!

My biggest takeaway from the retreat is this: Collaboration is powerful! From The Rising Tide Society’s merge with Honeybook to the ladies of Burgundy Fox, the ability to bring multiple minds, resources, and ambitions together…well, it can grow infinitely bigger than any one person’s dreams can grow. It is amazing and powerful.


Rising Tide Society Leader Retreat | New Orleans | Burgundy Fox


Speaking of Burgandy Fox, Alexis & Leslie, the company’s co-founders, spoke on what to look for in a partnership. I took soooo many notes! LOL What it boils down to is alignment. Do your individual companies’ values, goals, and markets align?  It’s the same with any relationship, really. If you examine your closest friends and significant other, I guarantee your values and goals align.

I also loved when Mary Marantz spoke about building a legacy of leadership. I’ve always been told I am a leader, but honestly, I hardly ever feel like one!  But when Mary said leaders are people-focused and they move the conversation forward, I thought “Hey, maybe I am a leader!” Since the retreat, I have tried to have a people-focused approach to life, whether I am at work, at home, or shopping at Target. LOL (I’ve had my fair share of weird looks when I try and talk to total strangers while shopping!)


Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans | Mary Marantz

I was only familiar with one speaker before this event. I have followed Jessica Rasdall for awhile and I love how genuine she is! Speaking has been on my radar lately and, luckily, this is the topic she knows best! Jessica uses her truth to help others elevate their speaking game. You should check her out if you have trouble telling your story!


Jessica Rasdall | Rising TIde Society | Leader Retreat

There were so many more tidbits I internalized from the retreat, but the overall feeling of “We’re in this together” is what I will take away. We all have the same struggles and it is so important that we talk about them and offer up solutions to each other! If you have a chance to join a Tuesdays Together meeting in your area, please do it!!! The Rising Tide Society truly is a tide that lifts all boats. <3


Photo Credit: Megan Short

Leadership fun in New Orleans! (Part One)

I don’t get the opportunity often to travel for work, but when I got the email that the Rising Tide Leaders Retreat was going to be in New Orleans, Louisiana, I knew I had to go! The excitement grew over the next few months as I received more information about the event. You see, I just became the leader of Tuesdays Together Ann Arbor. I was so excited about the opportunity to learn from my group members and maybe, just maybe, getting the possibility to meet Natalie Franke, who started the organization!

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans

Spoiler Alert: I did get to meet her at the retreat! And she is just as lovely in person as she seemed to be online!

I spent the first day exploring the city! I’d never been to New Orleans before, so I wanted to experience EVERYTHING! Bourbon Street, Hand Grenades, Hurricanes, and jazz music. Oh, and beignets! Oh yes, I had beignets several times over my 3-day stay in NOLA! But, this post isn’t about having fun in NOLA, it’s about education….but fun was definitely had!!

Photo Credit: @Trevor_Mark


The retreat started on Sunday. I was BLOWN AWAY by how beautiful the event space was set up! Everyone went above and beyond to make us feel special! The retreat was held at the Pontchartrain Hotel in the Garden District.

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans

Rising Tide Society Leaders Retreat | New Orleans

And ohhhhh, the swag!!!!!


Check back later this week for a post featuring all the speakers and tidbits of wisdom I gained from each!


Photo Credit: Madison Short Photography


Goal Setting & Vision Board Workshop

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Have you heard of The Rising Tide Society? Or Tuesdays Together? It is a society of creative entrepreneurs, men & women, from hobbyist to seasoned professional, gathering the second Tuesday of every month (unless otherwise noted!) in the spirit of community over competition. I am the leader of the Ann Arbor Tuesdays Together group! My group is full of photographers, graphic designers, wedding planners, florists, hair stylists, makeup artists, etc. If you need any kind of creative business, you can probably find it within our group!

Goal Setting Strategies

Each month, we meet together to discuss and learn about a particular business topic. This month, I hosted a Goal Setting Workshop & Vision Board Party all in one! Every January, goal setting is first and foremost on every business owners mind. So, this topic was very timely! We started by discussing goal-setting strategies. The two popular strategies were 1. SMART goals and 2. Breaking your goal down into manageable steps. Personally, I like the “break it down” method. I use a combination of Trello and a paper planner to help me achieve this.

Goals vs. Projects

We also discussed the difference between goals and projects. Goals are intangible ideas or states of being. Projects are the tangible things we create to help us reach those goals. For example, my ultimate goal for 2018 is to further develop and grow my brand. I have three projects that will help me get there: A podcast (coming very soon!), a live event for wedding industry professionals, and a party planning eCourse. I also want to incorporate more collaborations this year, which will be possible within each project!

Vision Boards

Next, it was time to get crafty! We perused magazines and tore out any photos or words that reminded us of our goals. If you have never made a vision board, I highly recommend you trying it. It is a visual reminder every day of what you are working toward. I also suggest you write your affirmations down on the vision board. Every time you see it, say your affirmations out loud. AND BELIEVE THEM! (Want to host your own vision board party? Read this awesome article by our very own Ann Arbor Tuesdays Together member, Janelle Reichman!)

Is managing your customers more efficiently a goal in your business? The Rising Tide Society recently partnered with Honeybook! Honeybook is a powerful business management tool for creatives! It helps you keep track of leads and automates so many things for your business! I just started using Honeybook and I am in love already!! Use my referral link to get 50% off!