Meet Christa!

I am the owner and lead event planner at Christa Graham Weddings & Events and Sweet Olivia Celebrations. I have always been a creative, but it took me nearly 20 years to figure out I could actually do work that fulfills and excites me, too! I love taking your vision of an event, breaking that vision down into its parts & pieces, and then putting it all back together in a real and tangible way! Taking that idea you have in your head and creating an actual product with it is nothing short of exhilarating! After an event, I am energized and seriously pumped up to get working on the next project!

While an event planner is ideal, I realize not everyone can--or wants--to hire a professional. I have seen moms overstressed and underwhelmed with the parties they plan for their kid's birthdays or friend's showers. They spend too much money and can't get their vision to come to life! Sound familiar? Well, I have something for you, too. I started Sweet Olivia Celebrations with my daughter, Olivia, to teach you how to plan and pull off an amazing party! Teaching is a fundamental part of my personality, so the majority of the blog is written in a teaching style. If you feel completely lost, I even put together themed Digital Party Plans that tells you exactly what to buy and what to do! It can't get easier than that--unless you hire a professional! 🙂

To tell the truth, I would love to be sort-of a small town Kardashian. I want to rule the world, but without all the pomp and circumstance! And plastic surgery. No surgery, please! But, until TMZ starts reporting on what I have for dinner, I'll stick to my YouTube Channel, The Sweet Life

I married the love of my life on the beach in 2008. With our children, Olivia & Carter, we travel, sing Disney songs, and create moments of magic in our everyday lives. All of us have the entrepreneurial spirit and are driven to leave a legacy for the next generation. Everything we do is to create a life we love to live!

I have lived in four states: Georgia, Ohio, Michigan, & North Carolina. Although I live in the north now, I hope I never lose my slight southern accent or my friendly "y'all"!

I am part of the Oregon Trail Generation. I teeter in the middle of Gen-X and Millennials. I have the independence and fierce self-reliance of Gen-X, but also feel the strong sense of community that characterizes the Millennial Generation. I challenge the status-quo and thrive in an organized, yet creative environment.

I like the idea of having a morning cup of coffee and a libation at night, but you will probably find me drinking Diet Coke. If I do partake in happy hour, I like a strong margarita. Sugar, not salt!

My personality type is ENFJ. I am a natural-born leader, full of passion and charisma. With a natural confidence that begets influence, I take a great deal of pride and joy in guiding others to work together to improve themselves and their community. (

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